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Gweikecloud-Luftfilter (Privatgebrauch)

Gweikecloud-Luftfilter (Privatgebrauch)

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  • Inneres: 3-lagige Filterung mit Premium-Filter, Aktivkohle- und Schwebstofffilter, um eine Reinigungsrate von 99,97 % zu erreichen. Partikel bis zu 3 μm.
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Gweike cloud (home filter) VOFA AD Access Glowforge Air Filter Beam Air Filter xTool Smoke Purifier
Unit Price $850 $1600 $1300 $1000 $700
Filter Price $150 $260 $250 $250 $160
Notes No machine control, large filters More industrial build quality. Only a 2'' hose No specs found, no manual either. It's from Glowforge USB interface, sells pre-filters roughly 50% smaller Roughly 30% the size of the others


Der erste Filter ist dicker.

Bis zu 4x längere Lebensdauer als ähnliche Produkte auf dem Markt.


Die zweite Schicht ist ein Schwebstofffilter

der hauptsächlich PM0.5 filtert und effektiv Partikel von 0,25–0,5 μm absorbiert und aus der Luft filtert. Diese können für den menschlichen Körper besonders schädlich sein. Es wird empfohlen, diesen Filter nach etwa 6 Monaten auszutauschen.

Lebensdauer: 3-6 Monaten

Die dritte Schicht ist ein Aktivkohlefilter

der die schrecklichen Gerüche absorbiert, die manche Materialien erzeugen.

Lebensdauer:6-12 Monate


Strom 300W
Lüftung 400m³/h
Spannung AC220V 50Hz
Gewicht 25kg
Abmessungen des Lufteinlasses Db 20-150mm
Abmessungen 420 x 320 x 580 mm
Db ≤55db
  • Verstellbarer Knopf zum Einstellen der Lüftungsgeschwindigkeit

  • 3 m langer Ansaugschlauch

  • Hochwertige Universalräder

  • Genauestens abgedichtete Konstruktion

  • Tragegriff für einfachen Transport

  • Ultraleiser Ventilator

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice exhaust filter

I have purchase two of these filter for my lasers, and use them on tabletop CO2 and enclosed diode lasers. The filters have worked well for removing the smells of processing various materials and the noise is acceptable for the amount of air that this unit can move on the highest setting.

The units did not contain the same accessories: one unit came with an exhaust hose, the other did not; one unit came with two sizes of hose adapters, the other with three sizes; one unit came with three extra prefilters, and the other with two. I can only state that the second filter I ordered contained the full set of accessories (hose, three adapters and three prefilters), however your purchase may be different.

Even without the full set of accessories, I would still buy another if the size met my requirements.

Frank Wolter
Powerful and good filter system

Just got my airfilter and I must say it exceeds my expectations.
It is a replacement for my diy filter which was not nearly as good as this professional one. If I had known how good it is in comparison to the diy filter, I would have never started building one myself!
Delivery was fast and it was packaged perfectly. Nevertheless the inner filter could only be removed with some effort, because it was damaged at one corner, so it gets stuck and needs a lot of force when trying to remove it.
We removed it, because we could not find a hose as described above and thought that it could only be in the case itself... but nope, no hose delivered. (Could have been really handy to have a 3m one instead my old 1.5m hose.)

But all in all I can recommend this filter and I give it 5 stars.